Fiction by L.K. Campbell

Winter Has Come to Red Gorge, Dakota Territory

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The Story

Mirabel Findley has been fired from her nursing position for allegedly aiding notorious outlaw, Danny McGowan's escape from a clinic. She hopes to find refuge in Red Gorge, Dakota Territory where her cousin is the town's sheriff. However, Mirabel soon learns that Danny has also arrived in Red Gorge. He's determined to exonerate his brothers of a crime he claims they didn’t commit and coerces Mirabel into helping him. In the process, he traps Mirabel and Deputy Micah Hansen in a perilous situation. The deputy and Mirabel must work together to escape and survive in order to ensure that justice is done.

Category: Historical Mystery, Western Fiction, Western Romance
Published: 2019
Words: Approx. 39,130
Language: English
ISBN: 9780463265703