Fiction by L.K. Campbell

Ghost Stories

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Kristy Miller inherits her Aunt Leslie's mountain home, Evergreen and is shocked to learn the secret of how her late aunt earned her sizable fortune.  In the first book of this three-part series, INHERITING EVERGREEN, an unusual bequest of her aunt's acquaints Kristy with Drew Stone, a single father who claims not to know Kristy's aunt, or does he? Upon discovering and opening a hidden room, Kristy fears that the house is haunted. In the second book, HAUNTING EVERGREEN, Kristy has opened Evergreen as a bed & breakfast but a reported haunting in the honeymoon suite brings two ghost hunters, Justin Marino and Lisa Ryan onto the scene. What they uncover takes them both by surprise, but Kristy is skeptical of their findings. In the third book, REVISITING EVERGREEN, the family of Evergreen's original owners pay a visit to the home, but their reunion is problematic. Youngest daughter, Stephanie has suffered an emotional breakdown due to a traumatic event from her past resurfacing. A series of strange events cause her to wonder if she's losing her mind, but is it the spirits of Evergreen reaching out from beyond?