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REVENGE WORE LIPSTICK is a contemporary suspense novel. Soon after leaving her hometown newspaper, journalist Jess McElroy's life is disrupted by a stalker. With each incident, the danger increases. A cryptic message is scrawled onto her car's windshield in red lipstick. Later, her ex-lover is the victim of a drive-by shooting at her home. Her new boss, Parker Montgomery is determined to find the perpetrator and keep her safe by any means necessary. (This novel was first-published in 2009 under the title, Front Page News. It underwent extensive rewrites in 2020 and was republished as Revenge Wore Lipstick.) Available in ebook and paperback.


GRAN VISTA COZY MYSTERIES—Contemporary, cozy mysteries set at a small hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Celeste Adams is a 60-something widow who owns The Gran Vista Hotel. In the first book, MRS. CARLYLE'S SECOND HONEYMOON, public relations guru, Bill Matthews convinces Celeste to advertise the hotel as a wedding venue, but the first event she hosts ends with a dead groom and a suspect bride. In the second book, AUNT EVE'S LAST BITE, The Gran Vista hosts the Penny family, owners of the popular tourist destination, Granny Belle's Apples, but the untimely death of one family member looks like murder. Are they victims of an old family curse or is it simply a case of greed and revenge? Available in ebook and paperback.

DAKOTA LAWMEN MYSTERIES—Murder and romance collide in Red Gorge, Dakota Territory, a gold mining town in the 1880s. The five murder mysteries in this series are a wild ride through the Old West. Book 1: The Law & Annabelle finds young widow, Annabelle Miles the key witness to a brutal murder. In Book 2: The Sheriff & Camille, Camille Canfield must prove that her childhood friend isn't guilty of murdering her business partner. Book 3: The Marshal & Susanna involves the murder of a lecherous banker. In Book 4: The Deputy & Mirabel, Mirabel Findley might be an angel of mercy or an outlaw's accomplice. In Book 5: The Detective & Charlotte, the murder of a runaway witness to a bank robbery opens old wounds for tavern manager, Charlotte Atkins. Available in ebook and paperback.

GHOSTS OF EVERGREEN—These three lighthearted ghost stories take place in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A young woman inherits her late aunt's mountain home. After converting the house to a bed & breakfast, evidence begins to mount that Evergreen might be haunted. Book 1: Inheriting Evergreen finds Kristy Miller settling her Aunt Leslie's estate and learning some surprising secrets about her aunt. In Book 2: Haunting Evergreen, Kristy opens her aunt's former home as a bed & breakfast but guests report seeing ghosts in the honeymoon suite. Book 3: Revisiting Evergreen has the descendants of Evergreen's original owners returning for a reunion, and their ancestors might decide to join the party. Available in ebook only.


LOVING A SOLDIER—Re-Issues: GOLD STAR WIFE and A DIFFERENT TUNE are set in the aftermath of World War II. First published between 2005 and 2007, these books were updated and re-issued. Available in ebook only through Smashwords, iBooks, and Library Direct.

SHORT STORY COMPILATION—COMFY SHORTS contains four, holiday-themed, romance short stories written for and published by various publications between 2009 to 2012. It also includes a bonus short story written especially for the compilation. Available in ebook only through Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Library Direct.