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Reader Reviews

Reviews are always appreciated. Thank you to every reader who took the time to leave reviews at your favorite retailer. Here are just a few.

DAKOTA LAWMEN MYSTERIES (BOXED SET): "I'm of an age that I grew up reading many westerns and became disenchanted with the one dimensional nature of most westerns. This author has captured not only the fact that the west was on the cusp of a modern age of Victorian values but also the flavor of domestic life…making one feel present in the story. Well done."—Beamo, Smashwords Reader

THE LAW & ANNABELLE—"Well-written story with excellent characters, good local color. The characters were true to life. I enjoyed the story even with the mystery and intrigue." Ammi, Amazon Reader

THE MARSHAL & SUSANNA: "If you enjoy historical westerns with a bit of romance, this series is for you. Lots of twists and turns in this last book of the trilogy. A fabulous read that I highly recommend." —L. Olmstead, Amazon Reader

THE DEPUTY & MIRABEL: "A well-researched and well plotted story featuring outlaws, lawmen and a strong female character. Add in a mystery to solve (I wasn't sure until the reveal) and you have a highly enjoyable read." —M.K. Chester

INHERITING EVERGREEN: "L.K.Campbell is an accomplished cook, who mixes good measures of mystery and suspense with a hint of ghostly goings' on. When you sit down to this little feast I think you will feel warm inside too." —Father Ted, Amazon Reader.

HAUNTING EVERGREEN: "Nice little find. Well written. Entertaining. Some thrills and chills, a bit of romance. Great to curl up with, but maybe not if you are staying at a remote, slightly spooky B&B." —One Book at a Time

A SOLDIER'S LOVE: "My husband is currently deployed and the support of other military wives and military friends coming together as a family just makes me melt. Loved this book, I will be checking out the authors other books!" —Brit123, Amazon Reader.

GOLD STAR WIFE: "L. K. Campbell has truly captured what makes the military seem like one big family - love and acceptance. GOLD STAR WIFE is a book I'd highly recommend and has earned a place on my keeper shelf!" —Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)

A DIFFERENT TUNE: "Love sometimes causes the paths in the road to curve and twist and in this romantic love story you find yourself cheering for them to find a way to have it all. This is a fast-paced enjoyable read, one that entwines the heart-ache of war and wishes of a better life." —MJ Stewart, Smashwords Reader

REVENGE WORE LIPSTICK: "This is a very suspenseful book, it is riveting and delightful to read. Things that go on in this book have you guessing as to who is doing what." —Donna, Amazon Reader

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